Typhoon Again

Oct 09,2013

There's nothing much to report, so I'm reduced to talking about the weather again. Well, here goes: once again, summer continues into the second week of October, casting further inexplicability to the proud insistence of nearly every local that, 'In Japan, we have four seasons.'

The hot winds pressing against the window glass kept us awake for some time, and my wife was sure that the roof of the house would fly off. Thankfully, they calmed enough by morning that I was able to move the bicycle over the roads and toward the airport. Along the way, I followed my weekly ritual of checking if the latest pointless construction project to deprive me of my shortcut has ended yet, and found the No Entry signs missing and the barrier partly open. What ho! I thought--at last it's over!

Well, the typhoon must have blown the signs away, or at least inspired the workers to remove them and set them to the side, because nearly to the end of the road (which runs along side the river) I just about collided with ropes sealing off the road. Unable to figure the reason for them, and in the absence of any construction workers or signs of any kind, I negotiated the area as best I could and found a large chunk of the pavement had been removed, leaving only soft sand. It was nice to be able to do with a mountain bike what a mountain bike was built to do, but I wish they had been clearer about whether or not they still wanted people to keep out of the area.

When I did arrive at the airport, the police officers present were much more explicit in their desires. They wanted people to either be inside the building or on the other side of the street, because certain members of the Imperial Family would be paying a visit in connection with Arbor Day, and the other side of the street was where people could stand if they wanted to take pictures. (I didn't, because I didn't have a camera and I thought it was too windy to wait outside for that long, although in retrospect a photograph like that might be nice to have on the blog, which has been sadly lacking in photographs of late.)

Sometime later it rained, as it had been threatening to do for some time. At present we have a moderate drizzle with grey skies, and the wind has calmed to a moderate gale.

I anticipate approximately one more week of summer, followed by five or six days of comfortable cool before winter sets in.

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