Bread in a Can

Aug 28,2013

Remember cheese in a spray can? It was a very short-lived craze in my childhood, possibly related to the even shorter-lived fad where the toothpaste 'pump' was throught superior to the tube. Normally, the most logical packaging for an item is the one that lasts.

This is just a very short note on things that have been happening. It's so short because not much has been happening.

There was, though, a disaster-prevention workshop for the new JETs just two weeks ago, so it's a sorry thing that I wasn't able to write about it until now. Much of the content may have been things people already knew, but details of the Tottori Earthquake probably weren't, and it seems a goodly number of folks don't keep an emergency kit. My wife keeps one under the bedroom table and periodically changes out the comestibles as they go off. The thing everyone seemed most interested in was the bread-in-can, truly awful stuff but surely delicious in a time of famine. It's cheap, lasts for years, and the company that manufactures it offers a program by which you return unopened cans to them a year before the expiration date and they send them to hungry people in Africa.

It makes a smashing addition to your hypothetical survival kit (subtle suggestion that you really should have one) and, even though all flavours taste basically the same and are thoroughly unrecognizable, comes complete with a certain novelty factor that just might inspire something or other. Give it a try--I did.

Get your bread-in-a-can here.

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