No News

Feb 01,2013

It's now midway through the first month of the year (predictions of the world's end appearing to have been slightly exaggerated) and not much has happened. That is, not much I'd expect anyone who might possibly be reading this to be interested in. (Not that I'd really know, because, partly due to the poor system of this blog, I never get any feedback, and so I'm less than inspired to write; and in turn, the less I write, the less often people bother to read. It's a vicious circle.)

Well, what has happened is that it's snowed a bit, though not enough to write home about, which is odd considering the ferocity of the wind that delivers it. There's also some sort of virus is making it's rounds. Most people I know either have it or have had it, myself included. At this point I wake up at least twice during the night to gargle salt water, which barely takes the edge off the pain. Any vestige of genk that might peek through the veneer of congestion and lethargy gets smothered by a nice trudge through the blizzard. I don't love summer, but at times there's something to be said for it.

With any luck, I may be able to get out and about eventually and be able to report on one of the few events that happen to happen of late. That way I'll have something to write about, just in case anyone is still reading.

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