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Aug 17,2012

The week started off with a bang with orientation for the new batch of JET Programme ALTs. It seems there are quite few of them to join our wee Tottori community this year, and the United States appeared to be the most heavily represented nation (compared with New Zealand at last overall ALT headcount for the prefecture). It looks to me like there are fewer attendees at each successive orientation, but that could just be my aging perception, like the way old neighborhoods seem much smaller on revisiting them than they did in childhood. But it does seem like every time we do an orientation for JET or for the new visiting students at Tottori U, there are fewer people. Much like there are successively fewer events than in the past. I did try to push subscription to Torimo, on the hope that any increase in potential attendance might increase demand and inspire the creation of more events.

Surprisingly, the next time I came into the office, I had a visitor who informed me that he does in fact read this blog, even though he lives out of prefecture and only visits Tottori a couple of times a year. It was great to hear that, since I wouldn't otherwise know--I'm absolutely certain that my promise to post comments when people submit them scared everyone away. Instead of getting comments, what I sometimes get is someone telling me in person, 'Hey, I read your blog'. It's kind of like getting a telephone call in response to a letter. Great, but what I really wanted was to hold your letter in my hands.

Behold, ye of little faith! Just as I was typing the above paragraph, what should pop into Outhouse Express but a blog comment! Yes, and duly posted on the appropriate blog entry it will be. Simple check the previous entry if you find yourself possessed of curiousity as to what someone might say to me, and what I might say back to someone.

At any rate, fireworks were detonated that night. Fireworks are always detonated sometime during the Bon, on a different specific day depending on the region, and in Tottori it happens to be 15 August. This being the last day of the Bon, it is a rather enthusiastic way to say farewell to the departed spirits of the ancestors. (Resists urge to rant about religious observances and their imports.)

And speaking of detonation, tomorrow I will be playing at an event called World Music Night at a certain international centre here in Koyama. We've been asked to play three English songs, my more vocal musical partner chose three mouldy oldies, and I did my best to learn them. I do hope it goes well enough that we don't embarrass ourselves. I can't promise the result will be anything to blog about, although some other the other performances might be.

The weather outside today remains heinous. A leisurely cycle from home to the office ensures a thorough soaking of the shirt and face. And that wraps up another Friday at TPIEF.

[....And apparently, any editing (including adding reader comments) brings the entry right to the forefront of the roll, knocking out the chronology. This is just to make sure this one appears as the most recent.]

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