Volunteer Medical Interpreter Dispatch System

Difficulty Communicating During Consultation?

We dispatch volunteer medical interpreters to facilitate communication between foreign residents lacking Japanese language skills and the staff of prefectural hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions. Interpreting is available in English, Chinese, and Tagalog. We hope you find our system beneficial.

Who can use the system? How can I apply?

This system is for use by foreign residents undertaking examinations or treatment at prefectural medical institutions. We request that request forms are submitted five (5) days prior to the desired date of dispatch. (Forms may be downloaded from the TPIEF web site.)

What are the medical interpreters like?

Volunteer interpreters have successfully completed an induction course at TPIEF. All interpreting is undertaken in a professional manner, and personal information obtained during these exchanges will not be passed on to any third party.

How does interpreting take place?

Interpreting is done following a pause by the speaker (consecutive interpretation). Medical interpreters will maintain an impartial stance and will neither pass judgments nor distribute advice; please direct all exchanges directly to the staff of the medical institution.

Are there any fees for these services?

At present the system is completely free of charge, and TPIEF bears responsibility for interpreter travel expenses.

Important Points

! Volunteer interpreters are dispatched solely on the condition that clients understand and accept the provisions stipulated in the section labeled Terms and Conditions.
! Interpreters may not engage in any activity beyond completion of interpreting duties. Interpreter and client are to part immediately on completion of these duties.
! We ask for the cooperation of clients in submitting reports for the purpose of improving our services.
! Please be advised that it may not be possible to secure interpreters for requests made the day before the appointment.