Volunteer Registry

TPIEF recruits volunteers to increase cross-cultural communication in Tottori. We are always looking for keen volunteers who like to engage in international exchange and make new friends.

Classification of Volunteer Registration
A Interpreting Interpret for overseas visitors , residents,and at exchange programs.
B Translating Translate letters and simple documents.
C Japanese Teaching Provide Japanese lessons for international residents.
D Exchange Events Participate or volunteer in international exchange events held by TPIEF.
E Homestay Allow international visitors to experience living in a Japanese family home on a short-term basis.
F Home Visits Welcome international visitor/s into a Japanese home for a one-day visit.
G Host Families Build a close friendship with an international student and assist him/her for several months (on a long-term basis) with everyday living in Japan.

Please Note:
○ It is assumed that both parties, the applicant and the volunteer, have agreed to the terms when a request is made by either TPIEF or another organization. Please have the terms and conditions explained well before your commitment as a volunteer.
○ In order to be able to meet the requirements of both the applicant and the volunteer, some time may be required to perform the services needed.
○ Volunteer work is purely nonremunerative (no monetary compensation).
○ Please contact us and let us know if you have changed your contact details or no longer able to continue your work as a volunteer due to personal reasons.
○ To apply, please click here.