Gale Attack

Apr 04,2012

As my mother used to say, we've been having a wee bit of weather. Two nights ago the wind was so strong the shutters rattled incessantly throughout the night and everytime I started to doze off I was immediately awakened by the clamour of a tree branch or something smacking the side of the house right across from my head. Eventually I gave up trying to sleep. Last night was a bit better for wind, but there was also a hail storm (in April, imagine that) that wrought havoc on our freshly-planted spring onions.

Somehow the rear tyre of my bicycle was flat this morning, although I can't really figure out what that has to do with the weather. Anyway, after inflating it and pushing against the wind for the arduous trek to the office here, I saw that quite a few plots of crops are looking rather droopy after that bout of inclemency. Coming up the mountain I met a couple of friends who had just returned from Tokyo and told me their car was nearly blown off the road. I hope they're exaggerating, but then again the news reports a total of three deaths nationwide due to wind alone.

I'm told they can't call this a typhoon because it's not the season for it, but the winds were quite warm when they were at their strongest. This morning it was once again chilly enough to see your breath. The media have issued severe storm warnings. With any luck this is the last of it, though, and things will be back to being bearable soon. Then it'll be time to wait for the short-lived pink blossoms to blossom.

(Special Note: I know a couple of you read this before stopping by the office, so please be advised that my hours have changed for this academic year: Wednesday 9:30-15:30, Thursday 14:00-17:00, and Friday 13:00-17:00. I look forward to seeing your happy faces!)

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