Tiny-Scale Farming

Mar 26,2012

'Where are the pictures!' everyone kept demanding. (Well, all two of the people who referred to this blog in conversation since my decision to post comments at the bottoms of blog entries effectively silenced all other input.) Looking at this picture, you will notice a few things. One is that I look a lot like a hippie sometimes. Another is that I live awfully close to my neighbours. With those astute observations out of the way, you will also notice that the subject of the photograph is garden beds. And not just any garden beds, but the ones in which my better half and I spent scores of hours overturning dirt to extricate several trash bags full of old dead roots, clothespins, and less savoury items that had been impacted for several years when the previous occupants of the house apparently let the beds go completely fallow for a long time before they moved out.

As I type, the snow has turned to rain, and I do hope that that will have been the last snow of the year. I hoped it a few days ago, too, and I'll hope it again if we don't have some clear weather for planting soon. The plan is to test out spinach, carrots, spring onions, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, goya and kabocha each in their little partitioned areas to see which crops grow best in this soil and light. We really have no idea. The soil productivity in most parts of Japan is quite high and we expect to spend a great deal of time pulling up weeds after the impending two weeks of comfortable weather between winter and summer. That's got to be just around the corner. I'll post some pictures of the plants if I don't manage to kill them all.

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