Presenting My Life

Mar 05,2012

Yesterday I performed a presentation at a community centre, or kouminkan, in the town of Chizu, just outside of Tottori City. It had been nearly five years since I'd last visited Chizu, and there were some new developments, like a new supermarket, though the population doesn't seem to have increased a man. It was raining all day and it seems to be a sleepy little town nestled away in the mountains, but apparently some new roads have also been built that cut down on the time and motion sickness required to get in and out of the place.

At any rate, the title of the talk I was assigned was 'Japan and America', and so I decided to present the highlights of my childhood in New Jersey and New York and having revisited my early haunting grounds three years ago, along with some scenes from the Bay Area of California and my westward journey through the prefectures of Japan. To do that I cracked open my computer and sifted through thousands of digital camera photographs I amassed over the years, and came across this little gem from when I first moved to Tottori:

This is actually a view of the main street and shopping centre downtown, and features in foreground prominence a building that is no longer there, and on the right the department store by a different name. And while I'm at it, now that I no longer live in Koyama, a feel just fine about posting a frosty representation of that neighborhood in early January:

And for an added bonus, here's a view of our local scenery at sunset. I'm pleased to say this sort of thing hasn't changed much at all in the past six years.

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