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Feb 13,2012

Don't you hate it when you walk through a snowy landscape long enough to be blinded by the whiteness so that when you finally get inside you can barely see? Or when they have the heat up so high in contrast to the cold outside, that when you go back outside the sweat freezes on your head? Well, today we're back to our ways of rain and grey gloom to replace the blinding whiteness, and little else to speak of. But here are some updates to the blog system that are worth mentioning.

I have pontificated on this point before, but there currently isn't any way to have comments automatically appear at the bottom of the blog post like they do in most blogs. I have discussed this with management and changes to the system are a long way off. I have been having something very nearly approaching conversation with someone who has generously sent a few comments, in addition to one sent by a young fellow who ordinarily tells me in person that he does in fact read the blog, and I've come up with a way to get around it.

From now on, any comments sent via the 'Comment' button will be attached to the bottom of the pertinent blog post via a post-facto edit done by me. This method isn't ideal, since it's not truly authentic, meaning that I end up having to 'approve' comments just by default, and I really didn't want to have to do that, not to mention that if I end up doing post facto edits to my posts for the purpose of comments, who knows what other Orwellian changes I might be sneaking in there. I can give you my word, thought, that I won't pull a Winston Smith and will keep edits strictly limited to the addition of comments.

There, you have been warned. Sort of. If you want to send something you don't want the entire readership to see, you can still email me.

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