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Jan 20,2012

One intrepid soul (you know who you are, and bless you) was kind enough to send a comment, and I was disappointed to learn that comments don't actually appear on the blog, but rather get emailed to me in exactly the same form as queries. I had been wondering why I never got any comments, and now I know. On the old blog, in the rare instances when people did post comments, they did exactly that--the comments appeared underneath the blog text and could potentially have led to conversation, which might in turn have led to more blog topics and eventually greater readership and reader response.

I put the question to the party coordinating these matters with the site designer, and it appears that at this time there is no way either to make comments appear at the bottom of the blog or even to allow me to post them after they're received by email. In future--possibly in the next fiscal year, I'm told--we may be able to get the system revamped so that it was more user-friendly, like the old blog. In the meantime, please be assured that, even though when you click that 'comment' button, you'll only be talking to me, what you say will be read and taken to heart, and will have an impact on what gets written in future posts.

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