Though the River's Current Never Fails...

Jul 13,2011

The rainy season has officially ended, and we're in the throes of summer.

Summer 2011 seems to be one of significant turnover in the English-speaking community of Tottori. More than half of the JET participants of my acquaintance are leaving or have already left, including one who departed just last night, after being celebrated at one of the more unfairly-priced bars in town. What this means for TPIEF is that we're short of participants in this season's Wide Wide World, in a section of which I'm enjoined to dazzle the local children with the crafts and specialities of the United States Normally I'm assisted by at least one American of a more dazzling personality than my own, but it appears that this time the dazzling will be entirely my responsibility.

Actually, considering the current state of the American economy right now, I'd be loath to go back if it could possibly be avoided. I'm not sure what the economies are like in the rest of the world because I don't read the tabloids, but people have been saying bleak stuff for a long time anyway. Plus ça change, plus ça don't. It'll be interesting to see what sort of folks the JET Programme throws our way come August, at any rate. Hopefully, they'll be hardy and heat-resistant folks suitably adapted to the summers of Tottori. It seems that the policy of avoiding air conditioning has been taken to extremes at many of the local schools, and people are suffering. In the mornings, public address announcements can sometimes be heard throughout town warning people not to work outside.

In the meantime, here's a stimulating read on the etymology of the term 'dog days' used to describe the current grueling season:

Dog Days: A Historical Perspective

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