Goodbye 2016

Dec 28,2016
This is the last day our office is open for the old year, and the next time I use this space to talk to myself it's going to be a new year.

I predict that in 2017 a Trump presidency will not significantly alter the US or its relations with the world, the Emperor of Japan will move closer to abdicating, there will be more hybrid cars, Tottori will have a sprinkling of snow in January, my cat will grow a little, I will be a better person, and the world will explode into a fiery mess.

In the meantime, our office has lots and lots of free calendars of all shapes, sizes, degrees of beauty, and corporate orientation, so if you, my nonexistent reader, would enjoy having one or more on your wall or in your handbag, don't squander your hard-earned cash at the stationery store--come and get these freebies while they're hot!

Happy New Year.

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