Gerry Goodine

Dec 14,2016

Since I don't get out much, I sometimes miss what's out there. There's a certain Canadian folk singer living in Tottori, of whose acquaintance I have had the pleasure on several occasions before ever hearing his music.

Gerry Goodine sings about life and current issues in the world from a left-leaning perspective. I think his voice sounds a bit like Bob Dylan's, but that's probably because I haven't heard enough modern folk music to place anyone he sounds more like. His songs are unique even though they follow a well-defined tradition, and most of them uploaded to his YouTube channel have the lyrics in real time, which I think is good for those not native to the English language. I don't know who the other musicians are on the recordings, but they have Japanese names, so I assume it must have been produced on this side of the pond.

The song above is called 'Beautiful Day', and it's something we could all use right now. The rain and gloom have been assaulting Tottori for the past few days, and it feel like it's just about time to build an ark before we all float away.

My advice is to let this song be your background while you make a nice hot cup of tea, and pull up a chair near the window to gaze pensively at the ever-falling raindrops.

May 2017 be a year of peace.

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