Dredging Up Nothing

Dec 09,2016
Fairly consistent rain for the past week, with some abatement. Temperatures too cool for weeds to grow lush in the garden. Darkness arrives early, but the tepid air of late bespeaks a late arrival of true winter. My prediction, subject to eating of crow, is that there will be no snowfall before New Year's Day.

It would be nice if I were the type of person who has lots of experiences and opinions that he wants to make public, but alas, this is not the case. Perhaps one day there will be a blog platform with a user-friendly comments section that would lead to conversation and inspire me to write and write, and there would be SEO tools that would promote this thing and make more people read it and the whole thing would become a grand old virtuous circle, but damn it, being forced to talk to a vacuum makes the dregs from the dry well really, really obvious sometimes.

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