Elementary School Visit

Nov 30,2016
Last week we offered national introductions to Iwami Minami Elementary School. As always, I was asked the two most typical questions: Which state in the US I'm from, which I cannot answer; and how old I am, which I don't want to.

At any rate, it seemed to go quite well, considering that my presentation was on the history and origins of the US, simplified to grade 6 level and compact enough to fit into ten minutes. Most presentations to which primary schoolers are normally exposed would focus on sports and food, and perhaps Disney, and yet methinks they ought to know the why of a great many things anent the country's extant culture and society, such as that Americans speak English because the country was originally a British colony, and not, as is so often repeated, because English is a simple and easy language. (It isn't, though the debased pidgin version normally taught in textbooks, beyond which the vast majority of learners never advance, is.)

There were a great many pictures taken, including a cheap shot of me with a bite of cafeteria fare raised to my mouth, which I can only hope is mercifully deleted; but none of them can be uploaded here, for reasons I needn't repeat because I flogged that horse enough scores of posts ago.

Two more presentations are to come, but for younger students and without the aid PowerPoint. The sixth-graders played Foursquare in the gym after the presentations, but as it's now December and snow is expected, we'll try the traditional craft of making snowflakes. I cannot recall when or where I learnt it, but it stuck with me all my life, and seems to impress people and cause a famous good time whenever it's unleashed. Tutorial to follow.

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