The Circus, and Why I Don't Go to Bars

Oct 14,2016
Not far from my neighbourhood there is a huge big top tent set up, and there have been a few sound cars going around telling the town about the upcoming event. From what I remember, the tent is red and white, covers quite the expanse of ground, and is visible from a distance.

I have a few memories of circuses as a child. One of the common exhibits was always 'the tallest man in the world', which was a man poorly concealing stilts under his very long trousers. (I asked my grandmother how they made trousers that long, and she told me they just keep spinning cloth until they've got enough.) There was also always a pair of trapeze artists, a man and a woman, and they always wore sequens. Usually there was a bear riding a tricycle, and a lion trained to jump through a hoop of fire. And of course there was cotton candy. Is all this stuff going to happen in Tottori, too, or is it all now just coincidence, with the chasm of decades proffering a new and modern array of attractions with little resemblance to the days of yore? Sort of like the way all the so-called 'bars' in town offer only cheap beer, cheap bourbon, and a menu of newfangled and girly cocktails not recognised by the International Bartenders' Association? Since almost no 'bartender' is capable of making a martini anymore, might there now be perhaps no bear who can ride a tricycle, nor any pair of daredevils dressed like disco balls leaping over the heads of the audience?

Alas, I might never know. I'm not curious enough to visit the circus myself, much less to pay to satisfy that curiosity. But it sure would be nice to have a conversation with someone who went or plans to go. No one I know falls into that category, but I know very few people.

Alas, another demonstration that this blog would be vastly improved by a user-friendly means of adding comments. It would also help to have some readers, full stop. There goes the famous good time that was had by all.

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