Typhoon #13

Sep 07,2016
The number is supposed to be unlucky, but this one was really mild here. All we saw was a noticeable gust of wind for a few hours the day before yesterday, followed by a significant downpour last night. This was enough to soak the ground and make the weeds grow, but hardly enough to flood anything or pool up on the roads like the last one did. It can perhaps be expected that the skies will continue to be fairly clear until the arrival of #14.

In my neighbourhood, squash harvesting seems to be wrapping up. All the fields sitting with kabocha are now clear. Mysteriously, one of the local aubergine plantations has had large, ripe fruit waiting on the vines for months. Perhaps they've finally had enough precipitation to merit plucking them and hauling them to market, or perhaps there is another reason.

So far, we have had exactly three pleasantly cool days this season. Autumn could be around the corner, or it could wait until October to show its furtive face for only a few weeks before winter.

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