Rainy Season Again

Jun 15,2016

The humidity has become heavy. While not quite literally oppressive, it promotes a general feeling of bodily fatigue and malaise. We're trying to hold out from turning on the air conditioner until we really can't sleep, but for the time being there is enough evening cool and cross-breeze to make it bearable until the following morning.

The office here is cool, which makes things almost pleasant, despite the sluggish ache persisting in all the limbs. A swimming pool in the plaza, right where the perspective manipulation of Conan on the camel takes up the whole floor. They could even leave that there, for the ardent photographers, and just build a low wall around it and submerge it chlorinated water. Thence comes the famous good time that was had by all.

There's also free refreshments.

Come and visit me, you nonexistant readers. I'm even more entertaining in person than I am in a small font on a blank background. I promise.

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