Golden Week Typhoon

May 11,2016
Whether or not it was actually a typhoon appears to be a matter of some debate, but at any rate the gale damage during the recent extended holiday was tangible.

Looking into the wind factor levels published in the newspaper, we ascertained that 15km/h winds were sufficient to cause damage, and at twice that a person would have to lean into the wind to avoid being toppled over when attempting to walk. Clearly, cycling was a challenge; it required tacking, sailboat-style, and going downhill against the current was at least as difficult as going uphill under ordinary circumstances.

On our own homestead, a handful of the recently-emerged tomato and zucchini saplings were completely destroyed, even though we had tied them to stakes. The howling of the wind kept my wife up at night, but I slept through it. Waking up early the following morning, as is my wont, I heard a sharp crash from down the hall, just outside the bathroom window. I went outside to find that the tool shed door had been blown open, its window glass shattered into shards scattered about the car park and ivy patch. It took more than an hour, after the winds died down, to pick out pieces of glass from the gaps in the gravel.

Finally, the gale subsided and things looked like spring again. A neighbour visiting told us in passing that our village hadn't seen winds like that in more than a decade. We hope that the rainy season will bring gentler showers and winds that nurture the garden instead of destroying it.

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