Images Are Back

Apr 13,2016
So I've been groping blindly about with the technology that allows text and images to appear on the screen like this, and with the help of one of our lovely coordinators in Yonago I've been enlightened that the new system for uploading images actually works, unlike the old system. I was told that images must be adjusted downward to a maximum breadth of 500 pixels, requiring a process of editing hardly worth the trouble, and then uploaded to a file. Having no suitable images with which to experiment, I produced my handy mobile device and snapped a picture of my own feet. With cuffs. Not fisticuffs, but trouser cuffs.
I was told last year (or perhaps the year before; I can't remember) that rolled-up cuffs were 'oshare'. The word means something like 'stylish' or 'fashionable', about neither of which I know much, at least not as far as what's current; to me it just looks like I haven't bothered to have my trousers altered, which is precisely the case. I always said that when the Duke of Cambridge starts rolling up his cuffs I'll follow suit, but yet here I am. (Of course, that was when the Duke was young and had all his hair.)

Incidentally, I didn't really believe my shoes were this muddy until I got an objective analysis. It is raining again at the moment, which is likely to exacerbate the issue.

So from now on I'll attempt to photograph things that will appear well wee. I can barely see the screen on my mobile telephone as it is, so at least if I upload something to here I'll have a slightly better idea of what it looked like than I did when I took the picture.

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