Apr 06,2016
Orientation for Tottori University's spring intake overseas students has just concluded. It was a flock of 18 which divided into group by language, the English group comprised of a single individual.
Most of what we explained has not changed much this year, other than a merging of what had been the medical and community interpreters. They are now one and the same, with interpreters dispatched according to the situation, individual availability, and other contstraints. The system for requesting them is the same.
We're still open at the same times on the same days, but my hours have increased, and I'm now here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Meeting me and having a conversation doesn't cost anything, and I'm always ready to help with whatever is in my power. Although I have demonstrated scientifically that the readership of this blog is exactly zero, I'm told that one day someone may surf in and discover something here that they couldn't find on the main page. Here's hoping. May good faith win out.

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