One More DPRK Hostage

Mar 23,2016
This latest bit of news concerns an American university student who has just been sentenced to fifteen years' hard labour in North Korea for stealing a piece of government propaganda from a hotel.
Otto Warmbier has earned himself a Wikipedia page for either pilfering a poster to take home as a souvenir, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, one.
It turns out there's a whole list of Americans detained in the DPRK for a variety of reasons, all but two of whom have been repatriated. Some of them, like Robert Park, said they were hideously tortured, with some of the molestation being of a unspeakable sexual character; while others, like Matthew Miller, were treated well, fed properly, and allowed to listen to music on portable devices.
There are all sorts of stories about the range of horrors that happen inside the gulag. I don't suppose any of us will really know how close any of them are to a true depiction, or want to.

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