Protect Yourself from Ice

Jan 25,2016
For the hypothetical reader having a happy new year and not subscribed to Torimo, it has come to my attention that some people might not know what to do in the face of dropping temperatures and otherwise inclement, dismal weather. has Tottori's forecast at snow, ice and rain for the next few days, and we should all be well to prepare ourselves. Personally, I live in one of those ancient houses built specifically with this sort of onslaught in mind, but if on the mathematically-indistinguishable-from-zero chance that someone who needs being told is reading this, allow me to rehash the advice given on our informative mobile telephone information system (and remind you to subscribe!):
Wrap towels around exposed pipes.
If there's frost, moisten the towels with warm water to thaw the pipes out.
Don't hit the metal with hot water. The pipes could burst.
If they do burst, the local plumbing authority in your area will come and fix them for a fee. (But be more responsible the next time, please.)

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