Jun 03,2015
  1. inertia
  1. a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.

This blog seems to have outlived its usefulness long ago. Is anyone in the world still reading it? For a long time I've felt like I'm merely talking to myself, although I've forced myself to keep with it out of obligation, in spite of an utter absence of anything approaching inspiration. Granted, the format available on this system does not encourage comments and doesn't really look like a blog at all--in fact, it's just a section inside the website where I post small, informal articles, and have no way of checking whether or not anyone approves of them enough to check back for an update, or even if anyone bothers to look at all.

Back when I lost the option of uploading pictures, the content got a lot dryer. Things are always more appealing with illustrations. Would I have more readers if we could bring those back?

It's been years since I've actually had anything I wanted to say. Of course, I've had a few sporadic suggestions on what to write about, but they were mostly of a personal nature, and I'm not willing to make my private life public in this manner. After a while, even those dried up, and now it has been ages. I feel now that I'm looking out across a dry, cracked desert, barely remembering the last human voice I heard, and weary of my own monologues.

If anyone is out there at all, please click the 'comment' button. This will allow me to judge, as objectively as possible, the worth of continuing to push myself to fill this section of the web site. I will judge by the amount of time elapsed from the posting of this entry to the first comment, and time between all subsequent comments. If I get no comments at all, I believe I wil have as near as possible conclusive evidence in favour of a case that the energy expended on these keystrokes could be put to better use.

Thank you.

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