Keeping Up with the Dust

May 27,2015
In case I haven't posted this before, this link is important for all of us living around here:

Aeolian Dust Information (Prediction)

This is the time of year when stuff drifts through the air that leaves a dusty film on your windshield, makes you cough, and makes your eyes itch. The link above will help you determine if that irritant in your face is merely pollen or is a toxic invisible cloud carrying heavy metals and the spores of alien organisms.

To incorporate this handy tool into your daily life, play the animated prediction for the next few hours and days and plan your excursions accordingly: When the coloured pixels approach your prefercture of residence, especially if they are orange or red, avoid going outside; if you must go outside, don't breathe. If you absolutely must expose yourself to the Phantom Menace, consider incorporating a fashionable surgical mask into your wardrobe--this has the added benefit of reducing the danger of human contact.

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