The Real Spring

Apr 06,2015
The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and taking cold showers is now more refreshing than painful. Of course, the recent heavy rains have washed most of the cherry blossoms onto the chassis of whatever vehicles happened to be parked under them, but it makes for a nice effect. The soundtrucks of campaigning politicians make an interesting juxtaposition. I cannot say with confidence that the election of one or another candidate will usher in swift improvement of the whole enterprise, and in any case I believe that as a non-citizen it would actually be illegal for me to voice support for any particular one anyway.
I must apologise, though, for disparaging the video screens newly installed in the airport. They're actually not just for authoritarian propaganda, but for explanations of the solar panel program that's already in progress. It explains how the solar panels work and includes visions of a future in which most of our energy needs are met by harnessing the power of the sun. (Actually, that bit reminds one of a lot of predictions made in the past that had us already living in a much more futuristic way than we are.) But it's an enlightening presentation, and the authorities deserve some credit for steering things in a more sustainable direction. May the rains that have thus far continued incessantly abate for long enough for the panels to collect some power.
Very few events of note have occured locally in recent history. All in all, it's been a very quiet week in Tottori, soundtrucks and ambulances excepted.

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