Looking at the World, Tidying, and Finding Stuff

Mar 20,2015
I've just stumbled upon a couple of interesting finds in my meandering today. The first is an absolutely brilliant set of geography studies called '40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World'. The first map in the set shows countries that suffer Google Street View, another intrusive Orwellian invasion into my driveway among other places. Then they go on with countries that don't use the metric system, of which there are very few, and countries that haven't been invaded by England, of which there are only slightly more. Needless to say, these maps are all very topical and enlightening for most people around here, because they demonstrate that Japan is a lot more similar to the rest of the world than different from it.

Today's second fabulous find is a site called UFyH.com (the full title is slightly more colourful) which offers a mountain of tips and approaches for people who suffer from house mess. While my personal habitat has never reached the level of disaster of that site's apparent target audience, there is a great deal of sound advice for optimising even further. (Recently I've finished reading a book by a group of Zen monks describing their approach to life. One of the biggest ideas I took away from it is the idea of cleaning as a path to purifying one's heart and mind more than just a way to remove filth and clutter. And it's true--there's really no reason why we have to limit our housekeeping to areas that actually need cleaning.)

The site's gimmick is hitting particular areas in twenty-minute increments. I decided to give it a go here at my desk, and ended up discarding a lot of papers I must have thought I was going to use. Then I stumbled upon some CDs I hadn't opened before. Two of them are information and presentations by a man who seems to have done my job many years ago. His self-introduction says he's from Durham, but I didn't see his actual name.

If you're out there and happen to read this, former coordinator, send me a message and let me know what you're doing now.

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