Neat Little Shop

Mar 04,2015

I was asked recently to report on a favourite place in Tottori and was unable to come up with anything. I don't go anywhere to look at scenery and generally regard what scenery there is around here as basically brown, drab and dismal; and far preferring my own home to anywhere else in town, I'm really not the person to ask for recommendations.

Maugre my uselessness as a signpost for tourism, it has finally occured to me to point out a wee shop that I think is rather interesting. While I wouldn't describe it as my 'favourite place', it certainly deserves honourable mention, and whenever I do mention it people don't seem to have heard of it.

The shop is called You&I, but before you scoff and disregard it, allow me to promote it. It's off the main road on which the big government building is located, and around the corner from the Cocos. (I mistakenly went in there just once, with a hankering for the chocolate pie for which it's famous in the US, only to disappointedly discover that the Cocos sign means nothing. They have the same menu as every other family restaurant in town.) They're using an old toilet as a decorative flower pot, a cue to the eccentric loveliness to be found inside.

The shop sells all manner of honey products, wooden toys, and a few plumbing fixtures. We first went in there to buy some mead, which is hard enough to get in this part of the world, and found they had just about every sort of honey one could imagine, as well as all sorts of concoctions made from it. Along the left wall is a whole lot of Paulownia things for children to play with--the kind I would buy if I ever have a child, abhoring plastic as I do--and in the back of the shop is a selection of toilets and showerheads. We bought a shower fixture there this past weekend; having found nothing we really adored online, we're truly grateful that this shop exists.

Again, it's a sorrow I can't upload pictures here. but some can be seen at their website.

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