A Bit of Cheer

Dec 26,2014
This will be my last post for 2014, so perhaps this is a good place to share a nice warm drink that helps me through the gloomy darkness and bone-numbing chill of the grey, bleak winter in San'in.

Heavenly Cocoa
(Serves two)

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tbsp brown or unrefined sugar
1 tbsp powdered milk (goat milk is especially delicious)
2 tbsp dark rum

Mix the cocoa powder and sugar in a pan before adding water. Add just enough water to dissolve the powder, whisking briskly. When you have a thick mud, add more water and the powdered milk, whisking steadily throughout. Keep whisking as the liquid heats up, adding water to taste. (Don't add too much water, as the flavour should be thick and hearty.) When it's blended and hot, pour through a strainer into two cups--one for yourself, and one for someone you want to make happy. Add the rum and serve.

The combination of dark rum and dark sugar is an excellent combination. Goat milk is an excellent compliment because of the rich flavour, but cow's milk would work, too. Enjoy.

Happy New Year.

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