First Snow

Dec 05,2014
Just as I'm typing, it's pretty much over, but there was a significant flurry just outside the windows. That's really all of it we've seen, althought there were a couple of days with brief and barely-visible icy precipitation earlier in the week. We might break with tradition this year and have actual snow on the ground before the New Year; normally in Tottori it only really starts to snow at the very end of the year. Back when I first came here, though, there was a winter that turned everything white. It's not likely to happen, but it might. Change your tires if you haven't already.

(Yes, I missed the TIME Festival. I hope that everyone who went had a fine time. The only other things I can think of to say would be political, and that wouldn't be any good. You never know when someone out there might actually read this.)

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