I Got a Visitor

Nov 21,2014

It's been a while since someone I knew came through here, but as luck would have it Chris Hollis came through on his way to Tokyo to represent the newly-formed Tottori Chapter of JALT, of which I also happen to be a member, and, responding to my chagrin over having nothing to blog about, allowed me to photograph him in our Library Lending Corner. But of course when I did that I forgot for a moment that it's no longer possible to upload pictures to this blog.

[Visualise Photograph of Hollis with Book Here]

The Tottori Chapter just came together a number of months ago and finally got offical recognition very recently. This weekend is the big annual JALT Conference, which I attended once in Shizuoka, and may again at some point; the next local event for the Tottori Chapter is a talk on 'teaching English in English' from a visiting scholar from Thailand.

Also this weekend in Tottori is the 26th annual TIME Festival, which I'm going to make every effort to attend, preferably early. (A word to the wise: There will be lots of tasty and unusual food there, but you have to arrive within the first couple of hours to get any.) Last time I was there, everyone and his brother was in attendance. If I can take some snapshots of what happens there, I just might have a topic for next week.

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