Not Gone, But No Longer Hot

Oct 10,2014

I was away for a short bit, which doesn't necessarily mean I have much to say.

I spent a good few weeks roaming around Asia Minor by bus, spelunking through underground ruins, exploring Cappadocia on horseback and nearly falling into mountain ravines, but my life is back to normal now (with the addition of several kilograms of cheese and halvah of ambiguous legal status stuffed into my luggage) and you can come in and chat with me if you'd like.

It looks like there's going to be another typhoon soon. The great gust of wind just knocked over some decorative relics on the windowsill and scattered leaves all over the office carpet.

Grasshoppers devoured my lemon tree while I was away, and the rest of the garden became a weed jungle. My wife tried to beat down the tomato plants, but they still insist on bearing fruit. Besides, the gnats and mosquitoes are still going strong, so it can't quite be Tottori's truncated version of autumn just yet. Give it a few weeks and it'll be winter.

My students are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as they embark on another semester.

Anything else I could possibly report wouldn't be fit for public consumption, so there.

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