Found While Cleaning

May 07,2014

Time for some random stuff.

Golden Week wasn't very golden. I seem to remember this period of consecutive holidays being closer to a full week in length in the past, but I may be looking back with inaccurate nostalgia. In any case, the country had a four-day weekend, and I used it to make gnocchi, tie-dye the curtains in my studio, beautify my garden, and try to organise my life. By this I mean deleting lot of unnecessary junk on my computer and bring my each of my three email inboxes down to zero. I've seen people's inboxes with thousands of unread messages in them, and have talked to people who claimed they didn't receive a message I sent because it was buried under so many other messages, and I promised myself long ago to not be that guy.

Well, that bit of cleaning revealed some links that might be useful, or at least interesting, if anyone happens on this blog at some point. At least it'll remind me that I wanted to get involved in these things at one point.

Zoouniverse This site lets you look through images of the universe or old naval logs and check for things others might not have noticed. It's heavy on the space science and gives you some idea of what's happening in the universe.

Librivox Volunteer to record an audio book. I haven't done it, but would like to. When I was growing up I had a horribly nasal voice and was badgered for it quite a bit. Around age twenty I took about a year of vocal training and improved it quite a bit. It was supposed to make me sing well, which it didn't do, but at least I don't sound like a duck, and I've been told on more than one occasion that I should narrate nature shows. Voice on a nature book might be the next best thing.

Which reminds me of the Speech Accent Archive. I always liked this site because you can use it to learn to imitate just about any accent. It uses uniform texts specifically constructed to contain all the phonemes of English and you can click on a map to hear how a speaker from that area pronounced it.

I think I got an email about this by accident, but if you're interested in learning some languages, Lang-8 has a website and blog that doesn't seem to be getting much attention in my social circles, though it looks interesting and useful. (I like to hang out with DuoLingo quite a bit, and always enjoy finding a new batch of flashcards on various subjects at

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