Shifted Seasons

Mar 05,2014

As a record for posterity, I would like to note that the weather forecast for this weekend, the first in March, is snow. I think it's finally begining to dawn on me that the coldest three months of the year are the first three. Tottori doesn't really feel anything like winter until at least the end of December, which is strange to me, having grown up in a climate where December was the epitome. By March in New York it was already the beginning of spring. I guess that's why in ten years I'm still unable to get used to September being part of summer. Even August in New York was cooling off toward the end of the month. Quite possibly, there are four seasons here after all; they're just less dramatic than where I come from and they don't occur on the same schedule.

Apologies to hypothetical readers who were expecting something more enlightening. Over the past three weeks I haven't had any thoughts I'd want to air on the great web. Rainy and cool this morning, giving way to clear skies in the afternoon.

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